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Selecting and Retaining Employees with the Skills, Personality and Motivation to Match Job Demands in Your Work Culture
Involving All Employees in Defining Purpose, Values, Mission and Strategic Plans
Instituting Effective Internal and External Communications Systems
Aligning Organizational Systems and Processes with Values and Mission
Developing Project Centers that Redirect Expertise Beyond One Area of Job Assignment
Training in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)
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Are You Prepared?

Viable 21st century organizations are better positioned to meet changing imperatives of the marketplace. Successful enterprises work to build workforces of employees who understand and share the values of the organization, demonstrate a broad range of skills and leadership competencies, and parallel flexibility and resiliency. Effective leaders have strength of purpose in meeting unprecedented challenges and opportunities in a nanosecond world of relentless change and paradox. Are you prepared?

Is Your Organization Operating Leanly and Efficiently?

The costs of high employee turn-over, absenteeism, and low morale are staggering. These costs disappear and productivity soars in environments that attract, empower and challenge employees to continuously learn, grow and contribute. Hiring for better job fit is key.

Organizations may overlook the financial burden of maintaining highly skilled professionals in permanent, full-time positions, when high level skills are really only required during certain periods. Cost and benefit improvements are impressive when the organization has sufficient need for such skills to rotate these people through many departments or when episodic work is assigned under contract with professionals.

How Well Do You Know Your Workforce?

Your teams must understand and personally connect with where you need to go and why, so that they can help you reach all employees. With a team of committed managers, the task of running and building successful enterprises is monumental; without that team, the likelihood of success is dubious.

Great sums of money continue to be mis-spent on training associates who will never be able to make the leaps required of them in the new, ever-changing culture. When training is focused on a committed team of professionals who share attributes of top performers and purpose, the costs are far more likely to become investments that benefit your business.

Are Your Systems, Policies and Practices Aligned with Your Values?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it well, "What you do speaks so loud, I can't hear what you say." Despite wide agreement that an organization's policies can build trust and credibility, most often they are the source of great cynicism and low trust. Investing time and resources in getting the systems aligned with values must occur to demonstrate commitment to integrity, respect, team work, quality and customer stewardship. How well do your systems support a principle-centered work force? And are you willing to abandon those that are inconsistent with your organization's values?

Is Learning a Distinguishing Characteristic of Your Organization?

Investments in the continuous growth of employees bring the greatest returns to the bottom line. Workplaces truly committed to continuous learning are far more likely to attract and keep employees with the kinds of qualities that are needed to build productive, successful and change-ready businesses.

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