a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Provident Enterprises

Helping Executives Build Positive, Productive, Change-Ready Workforces

David R. Carl

Project Director
Mac Haik Management LLC
11757 Katy Freeway, Suite 1500
Houston, Texas 77079
Tel: 281-596-6459

“It is with great pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for Provident Enterprises and Profiles International. As the former President of U.S. Property Management and as COO for Presidian Destination Hotel Group, I required prospective employees to take a full battery of Profile assessments. I have followed this procedure for more than 12 years. It has never let me down.

Until I experienced the impact of Profiles assessments on our selection and management processes, I was a bit skeptical about testing programs. I quickly learned that the information these assessments provide just can't be obtained from the traditional processes. Profiles tools are validated and remarkably predictive of performance. Whenever I respected the assessment information, the people we hired were great fits with our jobs and cultural demands. When I did not, I experienced the costly and frustrating consequences of hiring disappointing performers.

Profiles Assessments are not only excellent predictors of candidates with “good job fit”, but also are essential management tools for helping employees fulfill their highest potential. One of the reports includes a section on a person's most likely responses to episodic and prolonged stress. No one can afford to lose good employees. The information helped me understand and recognize early warning signs-- and provided ideas that were effective in helping me support and return valued associates back to productive states.

Aside from testing, I have always appreciated Ms. Porretto's insight and perspectives on all employment issues. Whether as a consultant helping us find a qualified candidate, or as an advisor making recommendations on how to provide a more effective work environment, her advice was always spot on!

I highly recommend Profiles International and Ms. Porretto for economical, insightful, accurate and highly valuable services.”

Allen W. Mitchener

President & CEO, Tideland Signal Corporation
4310 Directors Row
Houston, Texas 77092
Tel: 713-681-6101

“I just wanted to send you a short note of thanks for the time you spent with us evaluating our key employees, establishing leadership team procedures, defining department and corporate KPIs, developing job descriptions for current and future hires, and providing us with the tools necessary to carry on with these new processes and procedures.

Tideland is a well established company with a legacy of older management procedures that have been holding us back from competing in this faster paced every changing business environment. Finding and keeping top people and recognizing and quickly adapting to changes in the market place have been a growing challenge for us. I strongly feel that the time you spent with our staff and the recommendations you provided upon the completion of your work here will enable Tideland to shed its old ways, allowing us to attract top talent and recapture our role as a market leader in product innovation.

In the short time since you completed your work we have seen a significant improvement in the attitude of our employees. It is clear they are excited about the changes we have made and have bought into the new performance based program.

Thank you again on behalf of all of us here at Tideland.”

Robert Sage

Chief Executive Officer, Dynamic Drilling Systems LP
2603 Augusta Drive, Suite 880
Houston, Texas 77057
Tel: 832-295-0090

“I want to take this opportunity to recommend Provident Enterprises to anyone interested in improving productivity and their teams’ ability to work together as a cohesive unit. With the use of Profiles assessments we implemented a process that has enabled us to hire the best possible candidates and place them in optimal job functions. We used the assessments with all current employees as well and from the information we gained we configured Quality Assurance and Compliance training teams, which have led to improved engagement and immediate positive outcomes.

We moved from a place of dysfunction to one where clarity, communications, and enthusiasm about company goals and work objectives soared. I attribute this improvement directly to Sue working with my team leaders to get the most out of them as individuals and managers. Keep up the great work!”

Charles W. Norris

President, Tradition Bank Plaza
5020 Montrose Blvd, Ste. 200
Houston, Texas 77006
Tel: 713-663-8471

“For over 15 years, Provident Enterprises has provided Tradition Bank, Houston, TX with Profile Assessment reports for potential applicants seeking employment. This amazing tool provides insightful information into the applicant's character and abilities that is absolutely crucial for making an employment decision. Profile Assessments allows us to KNOW THE REAL PERSON BEFORE WE HIRE.

Eric Donaldson

President, Hot Shot Delivery, Inc.
747 North Shepherd Dr., Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77270
Tel: 713-869-5525

“Thank you for introducing me to Profiles Assessments and working with me to strengthen my management and leadership skills. Information I gained from the Profile XT, the Performance Indicator and the Sales Indicator were invaluable in helping me better understand my personal strengths and styles. This information along with our coaching sessions has been essential to my professional development.

Further, and importantly, information from the assessment reports of Profiles has improved our selection and management decisions, delivering stronger individual and team performance, and fewer people problems - outcomes that greatly enhanced our gross revenue and bottom line.

I would recommend Provident Enterprises and your services to any leader who is serious about competing in today’s ever-changing and uncertain work environment.”

Al Pepi

President, Pepi Corporation
Alonti Cafe & Catering
1210 W. Clay Street, Suite 17
Houston, Texas 77019
Tel: 713-528-7000

“I am happy to recommend Profiles International and your support of their products. I believe any company would benefit from the thoughtful, consistent use of their employee assessments. We use their assessments to help us make hiring decisions for all manager positions. Alonti managers produce in the top range of our industry and our attrition is near zero. I believe the use of Profiles International products is a major contributor to these results.

Mark Neagli

Regional Executive Vice President,
South Central Region
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
8111 North Stadium Drive, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77054
Tel: 713-394-2931

“Profiles assessments have proven to be a source of valuable solutions for us! Our organization began using Profiles assessments more than 10 years ago when we were committing to a path of excellence and needed to build an organization of high performers. The information that Profiles assessments provides has enabled us to identify, attract and retain talented, passionate professionals for our organization. These reports also give us an incredible advantage in collaborating with, managing, and growing our staff partners-- with predictive insight as to how each of us is most likely to think, behave, and adapt in our unique, ever changing work environment. Our staff finds the information an essential, effective resource for effectively working with leaders in our organization--improving communications and outcomes.

Profiles Assessments and your support, Sue, have provided an essential edge as we navigate the complex, competitive world of not-for- profits.

I highly recommend Profiles Assessments and your services to those who are committed to addressing client needs and to staying ahead of the curve.

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